Humanitarian Admission Programmes - Expanding and Increasing Pathways to Protection

The aim of this feasibility study is to offer policy options and approaches to build upon the foundations of European experience with Humanitarian Admission Programmes for Syrians since 2013.


Two essential issues for this feasibility study are: 1) determining the primary characteristics of a HAPP; and 2) establishing the relationship of HAPPs to resettlement, as well as their place in the  international protection architecture. These issues underpin the content of this study. The options are framed by fundamental policy considerations for any EU Member State seeking to establish a Humanitarian Admission and Protection Programme, and incorporate existing EU legislation, references to the negotiations on the future Union Resettlement Framework, as well as funding  considerations. The roles of international and non-governmental organizations are set out. Moreover, the two essential features of HAPPS, including their complementarity to resettlement and their role relative to the upholding of the right to family unity through family reunification are discussed in detail.