(ERN+ Scoping Paper) Student Scholarships for Refugees: Expanding complementary pathways of admission to Europe

This paper is a preliminary exploration of the potential for student scholarship and study programmes in European Union Member States to offer a response to the need for increased opportunities for refugees to arrive safely in Europe. It draws on experience from countries inside and outside Europe where stakeholders have collaborated to offer scholarship opportunities welcoming refugees to new countries. An initial stocktaking exercise is combined with a reflection on the necessary protection standards for such programmes, as well as some initial central policy and programming considerations that intend to support the continuation of the debate on establishing protection-sensitive and sustainable scholarship programmes for refugees to arrive safely in the EU from refugee-hosting countries outside of Europe and take up a programme of study. This publication is part of a wider body of research by the European Resettlement Network, and is followed by a targeted feasibility study on developing higher education scholarship opportunities for refugees in the EU.