On 6 October 2021, Entraide Pierre Valdo, in cooperation with ICMC Europe (lead of the SHARE Network), organized the third roundtable of the  regional multi-stakeholder cooperation platform  for migrant and refugee integration in the department of Vaucluse, France. 


16 stakeholders joined the online event to continue the conversation started by the previous roundtable and explore further the existing good practices in the field of migrant and refugee inclusion. Participants were also informed on the progress of the regional factfiles and pilot actions as well as the upcoming regional trainings in the framework of the SHARE SIRA project. 


Two actors presented their projects. The first was NUMA, an initiative which supports newcomers in acquiring language skills as well as other essential skills to integration. The other project was AGIR. It aims to integrate refugees through employment. They provide one-to-one support on language, employment and socialization.  


The pilot project laureate, Au Maquis, introduced their organization. They work on social cohesion and employment training for newcomers in a hosting and reception facility as well as a collective farm. Participants were very keen to know more about the location of the project and how the activities of the farm will also involve local communities. Participants highlighted the benefit of a project that does not distinguish beneficiaries per status, explaining that most programs are specifically for statutory refugees.  


The stakeholders involved in the regional platforms will gather on one more occasion in 2022. You can stay updated on all the activities in Vaucluse by visiting the regional webpage.


The regional platform is set up in the framework of the SHARE SIRA project, a European project co-funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, which aims at strengthening and expanding the social orientation and overall integration of newcomers in rural territories in Europe. Besides Vaucluse, regional multi-stakeholder cooperation platforms have also been set up in 9 other rural regions in Europe. Click here to find out more about these regions!