SHARE Integration



SHARE Integration is a dynamic 2-year programme of activities implemented at European, national and local level in 2018-19. SHARE Integration is implemented by ICMC Europe in association with 10 partner organisations based in 9 European countries.


21 European countries pledged to receive 50,000 resettled refugees during 2018-19, and 39,000 have now arrived. Refugees have arrives into European towns and cities, many of which were new to resettlement, and local actors and communities have played a central role in ensuring they are welcomed, supported and able to integrate into their new settings.

Governments increasingly place refugees across their national territories, resulting in more and more refugees now being settled in smaller cities and municipalities. Affordable housing may be more readily available in these localities, and the cost of living may be lower: however, small municipalities may not always have sufficient expertise or capacity to meet refugees’ specific needs.

In response, SHARE Integration strengthens the capacity of actors that are newly involved in welcoming refugees. It engaged approximately 300 smaller towns and municipalities in training, capacity-building and peer-exchange activities, carried out research on small and medium-size municipalities (less than 150,000 inhabitants) and mapped innovative partnerships for social inclusion.

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