SHARE-ATCR Integration Working Group (Norway, 20-21 May, 2015)

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On May 20-21 2015, in the framework of the SHARE Network and the Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement process for 2014-15, ICMC, the International Organization for Migration (Norway), the Norwegian government and the Norwegian Red Cross welcomed 28 participants from Europe, the US, Canada and the United States to a 2-day SHARE-ATCR Integration Working Group (IWG) in Norway.

Established in 1995, the ATCR is a global mechanism to develop and enhance collaborative approaches to global resettlement.  ATCR discussions involve UNHCR, government representatives from resettlement states, NGOs involved in refugee resettlement, and international organisations such as IOM.  The annual ATCR meeting takes place in Geneva each summer, supplemented by several smaller, thematic Working Group meetings throughout the year.  Each year, the ATCR is chaired by a resettlement state that works in collaboration with a national NGO Focal Point.  For 2014-15, the ATCR Chair was Norway and the ATCR NGO Focal Point the Norwegian Red Cross

In 2014, the ATCR process was reformed to enable states, NGOs and other actors to propose Working Group topics and activities.  To enable European actors working on resettlement to engage in a global exchange on integration policy and practice with their counterparts from other resettlement countries, in particular on the role of local actors and partnerships in this area, the SHARE Network proposed the first ATCR Working Group focused on integration. 


Building on the experience of the SHARE Network in co-organising, with the European Resettlement Network, a 4-day 'Look & Learn' visit to Denmark in June 2012, the IWG programme made use of classroom-based presentations and discussions to introduce the Norwegian quota resettlement programme and national integration programme and practice, and site visits to local actors to see integration programmes in action. ICMC worked in close collaboration with IOM Norway and the Norwegian Red Cross to prepare and facilitate the 2-day programme, and with the Norwegian government, a range of local government, civil society organisations and previously resettled refugees to facilitate discussion, presentations and site visits.

The programme concluded with a facilitated discussion amongst IWG participants and hosts, producing recommendations that were presented to the annual ATCR meeting in Geneva in June-July 2015.  The government of the Netherlands will chair the ATCR process for 2015-16, with the Dutch Council for Refugees acting as the ATCR NGO Focal Point, and are planning a second Integration Working Group as part of this process.


Follow the links to view the Integration Working Group programme, biographies of all IWG hosts and participants, presentations given throughout the IWG programme and the IWG Recommendations paper presented to the ATCR Meeting (Geneva, June-July 2015).