RIGHT Way Project: Promoting effective integration for victims of trafficking

Promoting more effective pathways of integration for survivors of trafficking across Europe:

The Right Way Project


Although there are many efforts to combat international human trafficking, less is known about how to integrate migrant survivors of trafficking into life in their host country. We believe that integration takes anti-trafficking work a step further by supporting and empowering survivors, preventing re-victimisation, and ending cycles of violence.


Through the Right Way Project, ICMC Europe and seven other faith-based actors have developed a long-lasting integration pathway based on victim-centred and gender-specific approaches for Nigerian women in the EU who have experienced trafficking for sexual exploitation. We emphasise the importance of tailoring these integration pathways to take a person-centred, holistic approach by highlighting key considerations (e.g. cultural approaches) to incorporate throughout. 


Click here to find out more about the integration pathway, and follow the links to access the online integration pathway tool (available in English and French).


ICMC Europe also contributed literature review research and analyses of the frameworks and promising practices used in seven European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands). Follow the links to read the resulting Right Way handbook publication Opportunities and Challenges: Guidelines to help integrate survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation of Nigerian nationality: from recovery to autonomy (available in English, French, Italian and Spanish).