Resettlement saves lives - 2020 Campaign

RESETTLEMENT SAVES LIVES: Resettlement is a vital protection tool for many thousands of refugees. In 2012 alone, 172,000 refugees are in need of resettlement. Currently the Member States of the European Union offer only 5,500 resettlement places each year, compared to the 60,000 places offered by the United States, 8,000 places by Canada and 6,000 by Australia for 2012 alone.

To become a significant global player, Europe should and could increase its resettlement places and also provide resettled refugees with high quality reception and integration support.

With the newly adopted Joint EU Resettlement Programme, Europe reconfirms its commitment to resettlement. The European Commission is offering EU member states increased financial incentives to offer more resettlement places and as such contribute to burden sharing and global responses towards refugee situations around the world.

As of today, 6 leading organisations in the refugee field – Amnesty International, CCME, ECRE, ICMC, IOM and Save Me are launching a campaign for more and better resettlement in Europe.  All organisations and individuals are invited to join the campaign, which aims to increase the number of resettlement places offered by EU Member States in the coming 8 years.

Let’s work together, so that by 2020 Europe can offer 20,000 refugees safety, security and a new life every year!

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