Report: SHARE QSN Transnational Roundtable on Community Sponsorship Evaluations


"Monitoring and evaluation is an essential component in achieving sustainable and high quality programmes that ensure durable solutions and ovarall inclusion of sponsored refugees"

Petra Hueck, ICMC Europe Director


On the 31st of March 2021 the SHARE Network hosted a Roundtable on Refugee Sponsorship Monitoring and Evaluation in the framework of the SHARE QSN Project providing a platform to present and discuss the lessons learned from EU countries’ experiences with community-based sponsorship programmes and best practices in conducting evaluations. 

Paralleling the multi-stakeholder nature of the SHARE QSN Project, the roundtable event was transnational and attended by over 90 participants from a consortium of actors including civil society, international organisations, national and regional governments, EU institutions, universities, research institutes, NGOs and other practitioners. 


The event was centred around two main themes:

  • The first theme examined different pilot project experiences and initial lessons learned regarding programme design and monitoring practices in the Basque Country, Ireland, and Germany. 


  • The second theme focused on the impact of sponsorship on local communities and early refugee integration on the basis of qualitative research of programmes in France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Best practices, challenges and opportunities were shared and discussed by participants, resulting in an informative and engaging roundtable event. 


For a comprehensive summary of the roundtable and main points presented by the speakers you can read the Roundtable Report here