Piloting New Approaches - Guadalajara PROVINCE (SPAIN)



We believe that local communities are at the heart of creating welcoming environments in which newcomers can settle and thrive. Under the SHARE SIRA project, our 10 selected pilot actions will run during 10 months and put communities at the centre of innovative activities and initiatives to support the social orientation and early integration needs of newcomers living in rural areas. They will touch upon a wide range of themes and approaches including: access to banking services, access to mental and reproductive health, access to the labour market, mentorship, entrepreneurship, language acquisition, and intercultural exchanges with the local community through sports, cultural activities, outings, gastronomy and farming.


The pilot action selected in Guadalajara, Spain is implemented by Accem.



Pilot Action: EÑE, Project to improve integration processes through language training and learning 

Location: Sigüenza and other municipalities of the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara


As part of the "EÑE" Project, Accem will coordinate with local actors working in the northern mountain range of Guadalajara (social services, employment services, city councils, neighborhood associations, cultural associations, etc.) to carry out a traveling classroom to learn the Spanish language, with stops in the municipalities that request it. It will include activities to promote the participation of both the migrant population and the local population. It will also provide a series of “training pills” for the acquisition of basic skills and concepts to work in different economic sectors with a strong labour demand, especially in the care, cleaning, service and hospitality sectors. The local business community, business associations, local action groups, etc. will be invited to participate in order to build lasting synergies.



  • To strengthen the integration of migrants who are non-Spanish speakers through the acquisition of communication skills in Spanish.​
  • To increase interaction and mutual knowledge between local native population and newcomers.​
  • To expand the work competences of people in economic sectors leading to employment opportunities.​
  • To incorporate local businesses in the process of integration of migrants through a variety of getting-to-know-each-other activities.




Accem is a non-profit organisation with extensive experience in providing care and welcoming spaces to refugees and migrants in Spain. The organisation supports their social and labour integration, as well as the equal rights and duties of all people regardless of their origin, sex, race, religion, opinions or social group.​ Accem specializes in work related to the asylum and migration rights, has a proven methodology and praxis, working towards the effective and full social integration of refugees and immigrants. Accem plays a significant role in the promotion of citizenship, with special attention to refugee and migrant communities, in collaboration with territorial actors.