National & Local Partnerships

Successful reception and integration depends on strong partnerships, amongst actors supporting integration and with refugees.

SHARE supports coordination and cooperation amongst the wide range of local and regional actors supporting reception and integration at national, regional and local level, promoting centrally coordinated models of support that ensure the needs of refugees and the communities that host them are identified and met. To ensure the full mobilisation of local expertise in support of inclusion and integration, SHARE provides a platform for innovative partnerships with actors not usually engaged in such programmes but who can bring additional expertise to further build local integration capacity.  

Refugees who are arriving or have arrived into European countries are central partners in resettlement, reception and integration processes. When meaningfully and supportively engaged as partners, refugees can use their first-hand experience of settling in a new country to improve local programmes and practice, build the knowledge base of integration actors and offer direct support to new arrivals. 


Refugees arrive into towns and cities with a wide range of different integration support needs and capacities.

To ensure that both refugees' and host communities’ needs are identified and met in the most effective and efficient way possible, SHARE advocates centrally coordinated partnerships for local integration support that include a wide range of relevant local actors encompassing local, regional and national government actors, direct-service providers, schools, religious institutions, local business owners, refugees, NGOs, etc. .

Follow the links below to find out more about how SHARE conducts research and brings together local integration actors at European, regional and national level, in support of building local partnerships for better integration:

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·      SHARE Cross-Border Conference (Aachen, September 28 2015)

·      French Stakeholder Meeting (Paris, June 24 2015)

·      Belgian Stakeholder Conference on Refugee Resettlement (Brussels, June 23 2015)

·      National report on French resettlement 2013-14



Migrant and refugee communities, including previously resettled refugees, contribute to European resettlement programmes in a number of fundamental ways: supporting new arrivals, acting as volunteers and employees of civil society organisations, providing input for the development of services for refugees and other migrants, and acting as advocates for resettlement at the local, national and European levels.

SHARE has involved refugees as partners since the network was established, initially as expert speakers and participants, in project consultations and in the development of resources and publications. The SHARE 'Voices of Resettled Refugees' video series further enabled resettled refugees to communicate their reflections on resettlement to a wide audience of stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

During 2014-16, SHARE implemented the SHARE Resettlement Ambassador Programme, in which nine previously resettled refugees from cities in eight European countries promoted their city's resettlement achievements, and advocated for more and better resettlement at the local, national and European levels. SHARE advocates for the increased involvement of refugees as decision-makers on programmes which directly impact their communities.

Follow the links to learn more about SHARE’s work in partnership with refugees:

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