History of ERN+

Developing Innovative European Models for the Protection of Refugees and Providing Support to New Resettlement Countries (ERN+)

In order to expand and strengthen resettlement in Europe, three leading international organisations in the field of migration and refugees – IOM, ICMC and UNHCR – initiated the ERF co-funded ‘Linking-In EU Resettlement’ project. The title of the project refers to the different resettlement stages the refugee must pass through, from the moment he has fled his country to a first country of asylum to when he is resettled to a new country. 

The project began in September 2011 and ran until January 2013 and aimed to strengthen the expertise of European practitioners in all stages of the resettlement and integration process by building a network of resettlement practitioners and actors.

It focused on the reception and integration of refugees at the local level and linking the pre-departure and post-arrival phases in order to make resettlement more successful.  National, regional and local governmental authorities, NGO and civil society representatives were able to connect and share knowledge and best practice in resettlement.

A wide range of activities were organised, including national multi-stakeholder meetings in most of the individual member states and a number of local practitioners’ trainings. The project also aimed to pilot innovative activities in resettlement including - but not limited to - initiatives involving private sponsorship, arts and media.  

Towards an EU Resettlement Practitioners Network

To contribute to a truly European resettlement programme, the ‘Linking-In EU Resettlement’ project initiated the EU Resettlement Network to provide a platform and activities to link all resettlement actors. This network aims to promote exchanges of information and know-how on resettlement priorities, processes and practices, and offers practice-based solutions to those actors considering to start a resettlement programme or to expand and improve their programmes.

The development of the present web portal on resettlement will serve as on online forum for practitioners aimed to support the development of the EU Resettlement Network.

The EU Resettlement Skills Share Day

As part of the building of our network, the ‘Linking-In EU Resettlement’ project organised the EU Resettlement Skills Share Day, the first EU event of its kind.  The EU Resettlement Skills Share Day took place on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May 2012 in Brussels, and brought together over 160 policy-makers and practitioners in refugee resettlement from 26 countries.

The event covered all aspects relating to resettlement - highlighting resettlement needs and priority areas as defined by UNHCR, selection by governments, pre-departure activities, travel, and the reception and integration of resettled refugees when they arrive in their new resettlement country.  Read more