Emerging Resettlement Countries


 The contribution of emerging resettlement countries is crucial for the successful expansion of resettlement in Europe. 

European countries have pledged to receive 50,000 resettled refugees during 2018-19. This pledge includes significant commitments from emerging resettlement countries, which have little or no former experience receiving refugees, as well as little experience of working with communities from the countries of origin (in the Middle East and Horn of Africa) which are the focus for European resettlement in 2018-19.

Local communities in emerging resettlement countries lack experience both of resettlement in general, and of receiving refugees from these specific groups, and know little about the conditions in these countries of first asylum. SHARE Integration builds the capacity of the multiplicity of new actors working on reception and integration in emerging countries, including regional/local practitioners, refugee diasporas, and national actors designing reception and integration programmes and engaging regional/local stakeholders for the first time.

The SHARE Settlement & Integration Roster brings together experienced European resettlement practitioners to deliver training and provide support to their counterparts in emerging resettlement countries throughout 2018-19. SHARE Integration will also facilitate regional cooperation amongst emerging resettlement countries, many of which are located in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics, bringing together key actors and practitioners to identify common regional challenges and solutions.



The SHARE Settlement & Integration Roster brings together resettlement experts, community stakeholders and public officials, to act as SHARE Settlement & Integration Trainers. They will be available to support you in your work during 2018-19, by developing and delivering training tailor-made to your specific needs.



Support from the SHARE Settlement & Integration Roster

·      Is your country / city receiving resettled refugees in for the first time?

·      Are you working on reception and integration in a recently established programme?

·      Do you want to improve specific aspects of your new resettlement programme?

Then the SHARE Settlement & Integration Roster is here to help!  

ICMC Europe seeks expressions of interest from practitioners in new and emerging resettlement countries to receive targeted, expert support from the SHARE Settlement & Integration Roster. The Roster supports multiple stages of the resettlement process: preparing for arrivals, supporting refugees during their first weeks after arrival, and planning for their longer-term integration.

For an initial discussion on how the SHARE Settlement & Integration Roster can support your learning needs, please contact Magdalena Boehm (boehm@icmc.net) at ICMC Europe.



It is crucial that emerging resettlement countries located in Central and Eastern European and the Baltics can come together to share experiences, identify common challenges and effective solutions, and build regional capacity and partnerships. Follow the links below to find out more about how SHARE Integration facilitates this regional cooperation:

  • Vienna conference on housing and reception for resettled refugees (forthcoming)
  • Bucharest conference on awareness-raising on refugee protection and welcoming communities (forthcoming)