UK announces new resettlement and community sponsorship programmes from 2020

On 17 June 2019, the UK government announced its plans for a new resettlement programme to be implemented from 2020, and made a significant and welcome commitment to continuing and expanding community-based sponsorship schemes to receive refugees.

The new UK resettlement programme will expand its geographical focus to include refugee situations outside of North Africa and the Middle East, and increase flexibility via a new process to improve emergency resettlement. For 2020, the programme will receive at least 5,000 resettled persons.

The announcement also confirmed the continuation of the UK’s national Community Sponsorship scheme, with a significant new element: persons received via these efforts will be additional to national resettlement commitments.

Community-based sponsorship began in the UK in July 2016 when a first Syrian family was welcomed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. According to Citizens UK, by the end of 2018, some 200 people who arrived via sponsorship were welcomed by some 140 groups. The new scheme will build on this foundation of successful practice.

“ICMC Europe and the SHARE Network welcome the continuation of the UK’s national Community Sponsorship scheme and especially the announcement that the number of persons received via these efforts will exceed that of those received under national resettlement commitments,” says ICMC Europe Head Petra Hueck.

“We also welcome the fact that the UK government will continue to financially support local authorities and NGOs in their work to help refugees integrate into local communities,” Hueck adds. “Resettlement has expanded considerably in the UK, both in big cities and small communities alike. It is good to see that the government will sustain these efforts in the years to come.” 

The UK government’s decision recognises the achievements of the many communities that have engaged in sponsoring refugees since 2016. 

As Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby reflected ‘I am delighted that the government recognises the value of communities welcoming refugees through community sponsorship…I call on faith leaders and communities to make the most of this opportunity to change the lives of more refugees, and transform communities in the process’.

At the SHARE Network we echo the Archbishop’s sentiments, and offer our sincere congratulations to all those involved in welcoming and supporting refugees and advocating for expanded community sponsorship in the UK.

Photo: St. Michael & St. Bernadette's Community Sponsorship Group (Manchester, UK)


SHARE Integration builds the capacity of local actors to engage in community sponsorship for refugee protection, through:

·      The SHARE Working Group on Private Sponsorship, facilitated by ICMC Europe and Caritas Italy.

·      The forthcoming SHARE publication ‘Preparing communities to sponsor and integrate refugees’ produced in collaboration with Caritas and due to be published in September 2017.

·      Training for local actors engaged in or considering becoming involved in private sponsorship, via the SHARE Preparing Welcoming Communities Training Curriculum.

The European Resettlement Network has contributed to an expanded knowledge base for community and private sponsorship in Europe – see for example:

·      Toward a Private Sponsorship Model in France (European Resettlement Network Feasibility Study, May 2018)

·      Expanding Solutions for Refugees: complementary pathways of admission to Europe (European Resettlement Network Strategic Assessment, April 2018)

·      Private Sponsorship in Europe: expanding complementary pathways for refugee resettlement (European Resettlement Network scoping paper, September 2017)