EU Resettlement Network

Who does what? National, regional & local competence in resettlement, integration and protection...

  • What is the role of European local and regional authorities in refugee resettlement, integration and protection?
  • What about civil society organisations and other public and private bodies?
  • How do these arrangements differ across European countries, and who are the key actors?
  • And what about the wider asylum and migration contexts for resettlement and integration?

To provide the answers to these and other questions, SHARE Network partners the Austrian Red Cross, Dutch Council for Refugees and France Terre d'Asile have prepared a series of SHARE Network briefings on their respective national contexts which, together with additional briefings prepared by ICMC, cover:

  • National, regional and local governance arrangements, authorities and competences
  • An overview of migration and asylum - including statistics, predominant migrant and asylum seeker groups, competence for RSD and support for asylum seekers
  • An overview of resettlement, including recent developments and discussions
  • Integration policy and programming, including access to citizenship

Follow the links below to download the briefings and associated documents: