What is SHARE?

Although national governments are responsible for the selection of refugees for resettlement, regional and local authorities and their local partners (NGOs, universities, employers, volunteers, etc) play a central role in welcoming and receiving refugees once they have arrived.  The success of European and national refugee resettlement programmes thus depends on the commitment, ability and capacity of such partnerships.  

The SHARE Network has since March 2012 built toward a network of European regional and local authorities and their civil society partners involved in and/or with a commitment to refugee resettlement, protection and integration. Between 2018 and 2020, a new SHARE Integration Programme will strengthen the capacity of smaller municipalities and civil society actors to facilitate refugee integration and offer welcoming communities. Coordination and networks among resettlement and mainstream actors working on asylum and migration across Europe, as well as within respective national contexts, are essential to successful resettlement and relocation programmes.

Led by ICMC Europe and funded by the European Commission, the SHARE Network creates sustainable relationships, disseminates best practice, builds capacity, creates partnerships and strengthens commitment to protection.

SHARE Integration project activities offer structured dialogue, exchange of practice and networking between local actors and between experienced and emerging resettlement countries planning or considering resettlement. 

The SHARE Network is an integral part of the wider European Resettlement Network

Click here to read the SHARE Publication and learn more about policy reflections, tools, resources and recommendations produced during 4 years of SHARE Network learning (2012-2015).

For additional information or questions about the SHARE Network, please contact Magdalena Boehm, Programme manager at ICMC Europe (boehm@icmc.net).