Welcome to the SHARE Network!

Welcome to the pages of the SHARE Network! 

Led by ICMC and co-financed by the European Commission, the SHARE Network has since March 2012 built toward a network of European regional and local authorities and their civil society partners involved in and/or with a commitment to refugee resettlement, protection and integration.  An integral part of the European Resettlement Network, SHARE facilitates the inclusion of local and regional actors in the wider network, and ensures the visibility of the local and regional dimension of resettlement in European and global resettlement discussions and developments.  The second phase of the development of the SHARE Network began in March 2014, with a programme of activities to be implemented in the period until November 2015.

To find out more about SHARE Project partners, activities, resources and initiatives, please click on the links below.  For additional information or questions about the SHARE Network, please contact Magdalena Boehm, Resettlement Programme Manager at ICMC Europe (boehm@icmc.net).

What is SHARE? 

  • Click here to learn more about the objectives and activities of the SHARE Network and SHARE Project partners. 


SHARE Final Publication & resources

Click here to read the SHARE Final Publication and learn more about policy reflections, tools, resources and recommendations produced during 4 years of SHARE Network learning.

The SHARE Network produced the following publications and resources (follow the links of each title to download the publication):

SHARE Final Network Conference

Co-hosted by the Committee of the Regions, the final SHARE Network Conference gathered 140 representatives from 20 European countries including regional and local authorities, cities and municipalities, civil society organizations, citizens’ initiatives, previously resettled refugees and international organizations gathered in Brussels on Tuesday 20 October to discuss experiences and lessons learnt about resettlement and integration of refugees in Europe during the four years since the SHARE Network was established.

  • Click here to access the full conference report and here for the SHARE Policy Statement 'Protecting and Welcoming Refugees in Europe' launched at the occasion of the SHARE Network Conference.
  • At the occasion of the SHARE Network conference, ICMC Europe produced a series of videos with conference participants, including cities, municipalities, civil society organisations and previously resettled refugees - responding in 3 case study interviews to the thematic areas: 'Welcoming refugees to Central-Eastern Europe'; 'Meet the SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors'; and 'Welcoming Communities'. Click here to view the short videos.

Volunteering for Refugee Integration: 'SHARING Through MENTORING' programme

SHARE coordinated a thematic city exchange programme focused on volunteering in refugee resettlement. Using the methodology developed by SHARE partner the EUROCITIES and expert consultant MigrationWork in the 2012-14 ImpleMentoring project, 'SHARING through Mentoring' aimed to gather expertise on volunteering for refugee resettlement and integration from across Europe (including that of  VluchtelingenWerk Limburg), develop tools to guide the development of practice and programming and pilot these tools with the SHARE Implementing City of Tampere.

Following SHARE Network activities in the field of volunteering for refugees, ICMC Europe and project partner Human Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) launched of a new programme “Refugee Protection and Service Delivery Dialogue – Strengthening Partnerships to Respond to Syrian Refugee Needs”. The project is part of the EU –Turkey Civil Society Dialogue programme, bringing together civil society organisations from Turkey and the EU, to exchange knowledge and experience, and to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between organisations. The ‘Refugee Protection and Service Delivery Dialogue’ project, will support the setting up of Turkish civil society organisations' volunteering programmes to promote refugee integration in Turkey. Click here to find out more about the project and ways to get engaged.

SHARE Resettlement Ambassador Programme

To ensure that previously resettled refugees have an opportunity to contribute to the development of the SHARE Network, promoting their city's resettlement achievements and advocating for more and better resettlement at the local, national and European levels, SHARE together with UNHCR, ECRE and other local/regional stakeholders working on resettlement across Europe, nominated 9 SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors from 7 European countries.

To find out more about the 9 SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors - who and where they are, what they're doing and how they've been involved with SHARE, please visit the 'Meet the SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors' page.

'SHARE Voices from the City' - video & audio series

Since early 2014, ICMC has been working with partners and stakeholders of the SHARE Network to develop 'SHARE Voices from The City', a series of film and audio resources highlighting the experiences and reflections of previously resettled refugees and those working with them at the regional and local level across Europe. Click here to view a short film about the NGO-municipality partnership and the local volunteers that make the resettlement programme in the municipality of Sittard-Geleen a reality.

SHARE Media & Partner Corner

Click here to view press articles, short films and details of radio broadcasts about the SHARE Network and refugee resettlement, to learn about the SHARE Media Exchange Visit on Resettlement and to read short features and pieces submitted by SHARE partners, participants and stakeholders from across Europe.