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Volunteer Network in Denmark - Danish Refugee Council

Resettled refugees come to Denmark with very little knowledge about Danish society or the specific local area in which they are placed.  The Danish Refugee Council's volunteer network matches refugee families with a Danish 'network family' that can provide both practical and social support in refugees' everyday lives.  

The network family functions as a kind of ‘good neighbour’ providing friendship, support and information on various aspects of Danish culture, systems and society.  They assist refugees in learning to get around in Denmark, to navigate the extensive associations and organisations in Denmark, understand educational options, deal with the authorities and access the job market. 

Whilst network families decide how often they want to meet with the refugee family they are matched with, DRC stipulates that they find time for their refugee family at least twice a month.  If the family has just arrived in Denmark, DRC may ask for more contact during the initial reception period.  Additionally, network families are expected to be available to answer questions by telephone or e-mail.

To find out more about the Volunteer Network, please click here.

For more information you can also contact the Danish Refugee Council, Ms. Kristine Bjerre: kristine.bjerre@drc.dk.