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France Terre d'Asile, Forum Réfugiés & SHARE report: ‘La réinstallation des réfugiés en France: état des lieux et voies d’amélioration’

SHARE, France Terre d’Asile and Forum Réfugiés gladly present ‘La réinstallation des réfugiés en France: état des lieux et voies d’amélioration’ - an annual report on the French resettlement programme for 2013 and 2014. The French non-governmental organisations France Terre d’Asile and Forum Réfugiés, involved in regional reception and integration programmes, compiled the report on the basis of inputs from French local, regional and national resettlement actors.

Click here to download the full report (in French) and here for English.

EUROCITIES 'Cities Welcome Refugees' Series 

The SHARE partner EUROCITIES has publishing a collection of stories called “Cities Welcome Refugees” which provide example on local refugee reception and welcome practices from some of their network members. EUROCITIES is a network of major European cities engaging more than 130 largest cities as members through six thematic forums.

Click here to read about welcoming initiatives and practices responding to current arrivals to in the cities of Gdansk, Leipzig, Manchester, Utrecht, Vienna and Zagreb.


Kruibeke: award-winning welcome in a Belgian municipality…

The municipality of Kruibeke in the Belgian province of East Flanders has received the ‘Welcoming Community of 2014’ award (Gastvrije Gemeente Award) in recognition of its efforts to welcome asylum seekers and refugees.  Click here to read the full article.

SHARE partners in the news: City Exchange Visit partner SAGE Greenfingers...
Since 2000, the SAGE Greenfingers Community Gardening Project has worked to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of those suffering from mental illness in Sheffield, incuding refugees and asylum seekers.  In June 2013, SAGE Greenfingers hosted a half-day programme for a SHARE City Exchange Visit delegation from the Czech Republic, providing ideas and inspiration for their work with resettled refugees.  Click here to read more about the work of SAGE Greenfingers and their future plans in a national UK news article published in March 2014.

France Terre d'Asile report and present on SHARE...

SHARE Partner France Terre d'Asile interviewed SHARE Coordinator Rachel Westerby and Raphael Richards from Sheffield City Council for the December 2013 edition of their bimontly L'Observatoire publication.  Click to read the front page feature on resettlement in the UK, and the interviews with Rachel and RaphClick here to download a full copy of the L'Observatoire December 2013 edition.

Matthieu Tardis, Head of the Secretariat General at France Terre d’Asile, also presented the SHARE Network as a good practice at a February 2014 meeting on the role of cities in enhancing citizenship, co-organised by the National Administration School (ENA) and the City of Strasbourg during the European meetings of Strasbourg (journées européennes de Strasbourg), and held at the Strasbourg seat of the European Parliament.  Click here to download a copy of the presentation (articles, publication and presentation in French). 

SHARE, Refugee Resettlement & the Media

On February 27-28 2013, 12 journalists and NGO Press Officers from 6 European countries came together in the UK city of Sheffield for the 2.5-day SHARE Resettlement Media VisitClick here to read a report on the visit and to view the visit delegates, and scroll down to access the articles, broadcasts and short film produced by visit participants.


Czech Radio broadcasts from the SHARE Network Conference

Czech Radio's Daniela Vrbová produced two radio programmes for her station's 'Focus on Foreigners' programme, both drawing on interviews with participants at the SHARE Network Conference held in Brussels in October 2013.  The first programme asked 'What is the European response to the Syrian refugee crisis?' - you can click here to read a short article about the programme and access the broadcast in both Czech and English.  The second programme, 'The New Life Is Just Like the New Year', focused on the integration challenges and opportunities of resettled refugees after their arrival and the role of volunteers, local authorities and citizens, and actors such as schools and universities in the integration process.   Read a short article on the broadcast, and click here to access an English language version of the broadcast (via the audio player on the left-hand side of the page).

You can also listen to an earlier Czech radio broadcast produced using material gathered during the SHARE Media Resettlement Visit to the UK in February 2013  - for non-Czech speakers, an English language transcript of the broadcast can be downloaded here.


British Refugee Council blogs about SHARE....

Click here to read SHARE Project partner British Refugee Council's blog post about their involvement in the SHARE Project, including hosting several SHARE City Exchange Visit programme delegations and contributing content for the Welcome to Sheffield publication.


'Finding a new identity and helping out' -  resettled young Karen people in Sheffield

Click here to read an article by Dr Geff Green of Sheffield Hallam University in the UK reflecting on his research with resettled Burmese and Karen refugees in Sheffield and particularly on the experiences of young people resettled to the city.



Europarl TV report on resettlement in Sheffield...

Watch the short film on resettlement in Sheffield made by the EuroParl TV network during the SHARE Media Resettlement Visit to the UK in February 2013.  The video below is in French - click here to view the film in other European langauges.              



Read about resettlement in La Croix...

The French daily La Croix attended the SHARE Media Resettlement Visit to Sheffield, and published an article on the possibilities for Paris to engage in a similar model of resettlement using learning from the SHARE lead city of Sheffield in the UK.  Click here to read the full article (available in French only).




Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad reports on resettlement...

Click here to read a short report on resettlement in Sheffield in the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, including interviews with resettled refugees and those working on resettlement for the city.  An English language translation is available here.


Polityka magazine's photo-essay on resettlement in Sheffield...

The Polish weekly Polityka published a 6-page photo-essay on resettled refugees living in the UK cities of Sheffield and Manchester, including interviews with refugees from Burma, Nepal, Iraq and Liberia carried out during the SHARE Resettlement Media Visit.  You can view the original Polish article in 3 parts (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3), and click here to read an English translation of the text.


Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights reports on the SHARE Resettlement Media Visit

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights attended the SHARE Resettlement Media Visit in February 2013, and included an article on the visit in their quarterly magazine.  Click here to view the article in Polish - an English language version will soon be made available....