EU Resettlement Network

SHARE City Exchange Visits 2012-15

Since its establishment in March 2012, the SHARE Network has focused on facilitating peer exchange and learning on refugee resettlement and integration between regional and local authorities and their civil society partners in Europe.  

One of the key ways in which SHARE has implemented this approach is through a series SHARE City Exchange Visits hosted by the lead SHARE city of Sheffield in the UK and their city and civil society partners in the UK resettlement programme.  Working together with key SHARE partner EUROCITIES, ICMC developed a city peer exchange methodology for resettlement that underpinned these activities and enabled a tailor-made approach that ensures each visit programme responds to the needs and priorities of visit delegations.  

Follow the links below to find out more about SHARE City Exchange Visits from 2012 to the present, and our plans for further visit activities in the future: