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SHARE City Exchange Visit Partners & Locations

SHARE City Exchange Visits were hosted by the city of Sheffield, in partnership with resettlement service delivery organisations based in experienced resettlement towns and cities in the Yorkshire & Humberside and Greater Manchester regions of the UK, shown together with other UK regions in the map below.

These pages profile the UK's refugee resettlement programme, SHARE City Exchange Visit partners and locations, and the various workshop and visit activities that the UK resettlement partnership can provide.  You can also download this information in English, French or German.



The UK's Refugee Resettlement Programme
The UK’s refugee resettlement programme – the Gateway Protection Programme – was established in 2004. The programme is entirely separate from the UK’s asylum system and programmes for refugees granted status in the UK via the asylum process. The UK government is committed to receiving 750 resettled refugees every year via the programme. in the seven years since the Gateway Protection Programme was established, resettlement programmes have operated in fifteen UK local authority areas. Local authority participation in resettlement is voluntary, and it is UK local authorities that determine how many resettled refugees they would like to receive into their area every year. On arrival, resettled refugees are housed directly in local communities. 

The Gateway Protection Programme is a one-year programme funded by the UK central government Home Office and the European Refugee Fund (ERF). Funding ceases after the initial 12 months of the programme, after which service provision for resettled refugees is mainstreamed into general service and welfare provision in the resettlement town or city where the refugees have settled.  Funding for the programme provides a complete package of support for resettled refugees in the 12 months after refugees' arrival, including specialist integration support, provision of accommodation, and access to education and healthcare. From the moment of arrival in the UK, resettled refugees are entitled to public assistance to meet housing rental costs.

In 2011, the Home Office rationalised the UK’s resettlement programme. Whilst the number of refugees resettled to the UK remains unchanged at 750 per year, the number of towns and cities receiving resettled refugees has reduced. Following a competitive tendering process in 2011, refugees resettled to the UK are received by one of the three Gateway Protection Programmes running in the UK - in Sheffield and Hull, in Bradford and in the Greater Manchester region.

The Yorkshire and the Humber resettlement partnership consists of two local authorities – Sheffield and Hull –and the NGO British Refugee Council. Together, this partnership receives 180 resettled refugees each year. Another UK programme is operated by Horton Housing Association, a registered social landlord that resettles 100 refugees per year in the city of Bradford. The third and largest UK resettlement programme is operated by the NGO Refugee Action and local authorities in the Greater Manchester region. This partnership receives 470 resettled refugees in the region every year.

To find out more about the UK resettlement partners and SHARE city exchange visit locations, please use the following links:
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  • Hull City Council
  • Refugee Council
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