Roundtable on private business engagement in the integration of refugees - December 2012

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The European Resettlement Network seeks to engage partners in the process of resettlement and integration of refugees, as a multi-stakeholder approach is crucial for the success of resettlement programs. This includes partners from the private sector, especially when it comes to work.

Resettled refugees are accepted by governments to come directly from refugee camps or other refugee situations in developing countries. Like refugees who come through asylum procedures, resettled refugees are eager to integrate in their new communities in Europe. Integration of all refugees is a two-way process where both the refugees and the host community must make an effort to make it work. It often is not without challenges and problems, but it should ultimately lead to the refugees feeling that they have re-established their lives, and that they belong to their new society. While learning the language, receiving an education and settling in their new neighbourhoods are the first steps of integration, finding work is another important way in which refugees can begin to live independently and contribute to their new society.

On 12 December 2012 the European Resettlement Network organized a roundtable meeting involving governments, NGOs, and private businesses that play or are interested to play a role in helping refugees to find employment. There were contributions by representatives from NGOs, private business, and refugees, who have gone through the challenging path towards employment.

The purpose of the Roundtable was to introduce resettlement of refugees and integration of refugees in the EU to private businesses that could engage in the process of finding employment for resettled refugees, through training, internships, job placement or direct employment.

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