Presentations - Day 1: Plenary sessions

Monday 14 May

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Open plenary

  • Dr Malahai Rahim, resettled refugee & 2012 Refugee Woman of the Year, Finland
  • Stefano Manservisi, Director General, European Commission, DG Home Affairs
  • Rui Tavares, MEP, European Parliament Rapporteur on Joint EU Resettlement Programme
  • Anni Fode, Centre Director, Centre for Asylum and Finance, Danish Immigration Service
  • Jan Fitzgerald, Director of Communities, Sheffield City Council (UK)

Resettlement Basics Panel I

Refugees in need of resettlement - Who are they and why do they need resettlement?

  • Johannes van der Klaauw, Senior Resettlement Coordinator
  • Paul Power, Chief Executive, Australian Refugee Council (ATCR NGO Chair 2012)
  • Oskar Ekblad, Swedish Migration Board

Market Place

[Download the Guide to the Resettlement Market Place]

Physically structured according to the various stages of the 'refugee journey' exhibiting organisations will present their innovative practice examples in one of the following thematic marketplace stall areas

1.From Identification to Selection

2.Pre-departure & post-arrival orientation linking the phases

3.Preparing host communities & welcoming refugees

4.Reception practices & getting started

5.Language learning & education

6.Employment & vocational training

7.Refugee community groups & involving young people

8.Family support

9.2020 Campaign Lab

10. Research & Publications Corner

Resettlement Basics Panel II

From camp and city to community: resettlement in action

  • Feven Girmay Belay, resettled refugee
  • Cécile Fradot, UNHCR Resettlement Hub Beirut
  • David Derthick, IOM
  • Christophe Jansen, CGRA/CGVS, Belgium
  • Lars Blomqvist, County Administrative Board of Gävleborg

Film Screening

Understanding the refugee journey through film: film highlights and debate


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