EU Resettlement Network

Pilot Projects

The European Resettlement Network occasionally commissions pilot projects to gather information and resources on innovative approaches and practices in refugee resettlement. In 2012, in the framework of the 'Linking In' project, the project partners commissioned the following pilot activities:

Refugee Resettlement & Volunteering

To enable volunteering expertise and experience to be further shared across the European Resettlement Network and amongst resettlement actors within and outside of Europe, IOM, UNHCR and ICMC commissioned English language translations of volunteering resources produced by organisations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, in addition to gathering resources produced in English by organisations in the UK.

Universities, higher education & resettlement

The project partners commissioned the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) to research the role of universities in refugee resettlement worldwide, and produce a web-based resource gathering practice examples, resources and links to implementing organisations.  Also included in the final resource are short films made by UAF on refugees and higher education in the Netherlands.

We will add more resources to these pages as further pilot initiatives are commissioned, and invite your ideas and contributions for the further development of these pages.