Introducing Abdi, SHARE Resettlement Ambassador in the UK...

Abdi was born in Somalia, and fled with his family to Kenya when he was 9 years old, where he lived with his family in Dadaab refugee camp until 2011.  During 2008-11 he worked for the Norwegian Refugee Council, on training programmes for camp elders focused on gender equality and access to education, and advocating with the Kenyan government to improve refugees’ access to higher education.  In 2011, Abdi was resettled to the UK with his family, where he is now working as a self-employed interpreter and studying business administration.

Abdi participated as an expert presenter at the SHARE Expert Seminar ‘What Makes Voluntering Work?’, which took place in Maastricht in October 2014.

You can read more about Abdi’s experiences in Somalia, Kenya and the UK at the webpages of Refugee Action’s ‘Refugee Voices’ project, and a short article about Abdi’s role in the project submitted for the SHARE webpages.  See below to watch a short video interview with Abdi, also produced by Refugee Action: