European Resettlement Network - Networking Event, 7-8 November 2013

In 2013-14, the European Resettlement Network (ERN) entered a new phase of development under a joint IOM, UNHCR and ICMC project entitled, Strengthening the response to emergency resettlement needs.’

On 7th and 8th of November 2013, the first ERN Networking Event took place in Brussels and gathered about 50 active ERN members from 14 European Member States including representatives from the governments, civil society, UNHCR and IOM. The event presented an opportunity to meet with other European Resettlement Network members and focal points, and to discuss resettlement efforts in their respective contexts. Those attending also had the opportunity to learn of upcoming resettlement events, as well as the potential for Network members’ participation in such events with the assistance of the National Network Focal Points. We also took the opportunity to reflect on ways to cooperate in order to increase the number of places made available for emergency resettlement and to improve the responsiveness to emergency, urgent and priority resettlement needs.

Feedback and expectations of the European Resettlement Network members, including on the website (, the News Digest and the Network Newsletter, amongst other issues, were gathered in order to allow us to better provide the support and resources that you need.

The final agenda of the event can be consulted here.

Click here to view the event programme and presentations and here to view the event photo gallery.

Presentations at the event:

Panel 1: Emergency and Urgent Resettlement to Europe: Modalities, Challenges & Medical Cases Explained

Perveen Ali, UNHCR HQ - Emergency, Urgent and Medical Resettlement in Europe

Panel 2: The Syria Crisis and Europe’s Response

Perveen Ali, UNHCR HQ - Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission for Syrian Refugees

Christiane Welter, OLAI, Luxembourg - Resettlement of Syrians to Luxembourg

Ana Lopez Fontal, ECRE, Belgium - Campaigning on access to protection for refugees from Syria

ETC Timisoara video (Romania) & short brief about ETC Humenné (Slovakia)

Video of ETC in Romania, click here to watch

Iveta Zrakova, Migration Office, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic - Emergency Transit centre Humenné