SHARE City Exchange Visit Programme 2012-13


From September 2012 to October 2013, the first SHARE Project facilitated a programme of 8 2.5-day City Exchange visits to the UK for 73 participants in delegations from municipalities, cities and regions from 9 new, emerging and experienced resettlement countries, as follows:

  • Germany - 2 delegations from the North Rhine-Westphalia region (6 participants - October 2012) and the city of Munich (6 participants - April 2013)
  • Sweden - a delegation of 16 participants from 3 Swedish counties, co-funded by the LANDA Project of the County of Gavleborg.
  • Finland - 9 participants from the Finnish Red Cross and the cities of Tampere and Oulu.
  • Czech Republic - 9 participants from Burma Centre Prague, the cities of Kutna Hora, Bzenec, Brandys nad Labem and Podebrady, and the Czech Ministry of the Interior.
  • Austria & Poland - a specialist visit for non-resettlement countries, hosting 10 delegates from the cities of Vienna and Lublin, with the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, Austrian Red Cross and Caritas Poland.
  • Netherlands & Belgium - 10 participants from the Dutch Council for Refugees (VluchtelingenWerk Nederlands), Caritas International (Belgium) and the municipalities of Zaventem and Wetteren (Belgium), Sittard-Geleen and Zaanstad (Netherlands).
  • France - 7 participants from the NGOs Forum Réfugiés, France Terre d'Asile and Isard Cos, and the city of Nantes.

Visits were hosted by the UK partnership of experienced resettlement towns and cities in the Yorkshire & Humberside and Greater Manchester regions of the UK, led by the city of Sheffield. The SHARE City Exchange Visits enabled participating delegations and their UK hosts to share knowledge, exchange expertise and engage in a programme of mutual evaluation, learning and improvement in relation to refugee and migrant integration policy and practice.  You can read reports and view photos and programmes on SHARE City Exchange Visits by visiting the SHARE Visit Programme overview page

What activities did visits include? 
Day 1 - the city of Sheffield led a ‘city-to-city’ conversation and discussion, using SHARE review tools co-developed by ICMC Europe and EUROCITIES. Visiting delegations gave short presentations on their region and/or municipality and the work of their respective organisations, and will have the opportunity to meet with local service providers and civil society partners of the city of Sheffield.
Day 2 - the UK resettlement partnership hosted site visits to resettlement and integration practitioners in towns and cities in the Yorkshire and Greater Manchester regions. Visiting delegations selected site visit activities from an 'à la carte’ menu prepared by the UK partnership and covering thematic integration areas such as health, housing, education, employment, language-learning, community development and working with volunteers.
Please click here for more information on the SHARE visit partner organisations and UK visit locations.