Welcome back to the SHARE Network!

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Welcome back to the SHARE Network! 

ICMC Europe is delighted to announce the publication of a new edition of the SHARE Magazine, and a renewed programme of SHARE Network activities for 2018-19! During the coming two years, SHARE Integration will engage with a wide variety of actors at European, national and local level, continuing our work in building partnerships for refugee inclusion in local communities across Europe.

This edition brings you:

  • An introduction from the ICMC Europe Team, detailing the unprecedented expansion of refugee resettlement in Europe and the crucial role of SHARE can play in making the 50,000 programme a reality;
  • An introduction to SHARE Integration objectives and activities, and to the 11 SHARE Integration partners, based in 9 European countries, who will take the programme forward;
  • A report from the SHARE Seminar: Pre-Departure Processing & Cultural Orientation, held on May 3-4 in Istanbul in partnership with the Dutch government's Centralised Agency for Reception (COA);
  • A special feature on new resettlement countries, highlighting the Estonian experience of resettlement and community-building since 2015;
  • An introduction to the SHARE Settlement & Integration Roster, an innovative new framework for training and capacity-building to support new resettlement actors and programmes;
  • Spotlight feature on the success of civil society cooperation to receive and integrate resettled refugees in Portugal;
  • Reflections from Filmon, former SHARE Resettlement Ambassador resettled to Belgium in 2011 and now living and working in Antwerp.

As ever, we welcome your comments, feedback and input. Write to us at info@resettlement.eu

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