Syrian refugees resettled to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

In 2013, in response to UNHCR’s call for States to admit 130,000 Syrians on resettlement, humanitarian admission or other programmes from 2013-2016, the Government of Luxembourg pledged to resettle 60 Syrian refugees in 2014.

A selection mission, in collaboration with the Dutch government and supported by IOM, took place in February 2014 and 28 refugees, comprising four families and including 16 children, were selected. It is expected that Luxembourg will welcome additional Syrian refugees before the end of the year.

This first group of Syrian refugees arrived in Luxembourg on 16th April 2014 and were welcomed by the Minister of Family and Integration, as well as representatives of the Luxembourg reception and integration agency (OLAI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IOM and UNHCR. Upon arrival, the group was transported to a reception centre in Weilerbach where they will stay up until the summer.

OLAI is in charge of the refugee’s integration in Luxembourg, including organizing their private accommodation, monthly financial support, socio-pedagogical support for their children, administrative assistance, and follow up on the social conditions of the families. In addition, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, OLAI has organized scholarships for the children and French courses for the adults. Through such measures, Luxembourg endeavours to create the best possible conditions for the successful integration of these resettled refugees.

Crédit photo : SIP/Charles Caratini