SHARE Magazine issue #3

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SHARE Magazine issue #3! 

ICMC Europe is delighted to announce the publication of a new edition of the SHARE Magazine and dates for upcoming SHARE Network activities! During Spring 2019, the SHARE Integration project will engage with a wide variety of actors at European, national and local level, continuing our work in building partnerships for refugee inclusion in local communities across Europe.

This edition brings you:

  • an editorial on the state of play of the implementation of the 50.000 EU Resettlement programme;
  • an overview of the the SHARE Mainstreaming+ curriculum and trainings for small municipalities in eight Member States;
  • an article on the Global Compact for Refugees and recommendations from the SHARE Network;
  • a special feature on the new Croatian resettlement programme and SHARE trainings on 'preparing for arrivals' in Zagreb; and
  • the SHARE conference 'Housing for Refugee Inclusion' in Vienna and release of the first video of the SHARE Welcoming Communities series.

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