SHARE Curriculum Training Workshop in Romania

Within the frame of the SHARE Integration project, SHARE Network partners have collaborated to develop a training curriculum which aims to strengthen capacity of smaller municipalities to welcome resettled and relocated refugees. 

Since summer 2018, SHARE Integration partners have piloted the curriculum through a series of 1-day training workshops. On September 18 2018, SHARE Integration partner JRS Romania facilitated the twelfth in the series of these SHARE training workshops. 

The one-day SHARE-JRS Romania training workshop took place in Şomcuta Mare, a municipality in the north of Romania with a population of just over 7500, that also hosts one of Romania's six reception centre for asylum seekers and refugees. The training brought together 25 participants - from Şomcuta Mare municipality, national NGOs, local volunteer groups, the local Public Employment Agency, and the national authorities responsible for asylum and integration - to pilot the SHARE Preparing Welcoming Communities Training Curriculum.

The SHARE Curriculum consists of thematic training modules on receiving and integration refugees, each prepared by an experienced SHARE Integration partner. Based on an assessment of local needs and interest, four curriculum modules were selected for the Şomcuta Mare training: housing and reception, managing expectations, employment, and specialised support for vulnerable groups. JRS added country-specific information on legal and practical aspects of national resettlement and relocation efforts.

Best practice examples from other European countries presented in the curriculum generated many new ideas amongst participants. Of particular interest for the Romanian context were schemes to enable individual citizens to host refugees in their own homes, and the possibility of providing refugees with agricultural skills with land and equipment necessary to start local businesses.

'Overall the curriculum worked very well, especially the way we could select the modules according to participant needs ', said Andreaa Barbu of JRS Romania.'As well as building capacity and knowledge, the training also enabled us to bring together key partners, establish new relationships and connections, and build a solid foundation for future cooperation'. 

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