New edition of 'Welcome to Europe!' is now online!

Welcome to Europe! A comprehensive guide to resettlement

ICMC Europe is delighted to announce the publication of the third, 2013 edition of 'Welcome to Europe! A comprehensive guide to resettlement'.

The period since the first 2007 edition has seen the increase and expansion of resettlement across EU Member States, an expression of the EU's growing solidarity with refugee-hosting countries. European resettlement however remains characterised by the small numbers of resettled refugees being received by many Member States and Europe can and must do more.

This publication is an outcome of the joint IOM, UNHCR and ICMC project ‘Linking In EU resettlement – Linking the resettlement phases and connecting (local) resettlement practitioners’, co-funded by the European Commission via the European Refugee Fund.

This new edition of Welcome to Europe covers all aspects of global resettlement needs, processes, policy and partnerships, focusing on the ongoing growth and development of resettlement in Europe, as follows:


Chapter 1 – Resettlement and international protection

Chapter 2 – Global resettlement

Chapter 3 – Refugee situations in focus

Chapter 4 – The resettlement process: from identification to departure

Chapter 5 – Resettlement in Europe – rising slowly but surely

Chapter 7 – European resettlement programmes

Chapter 8 – Building a new life in the community: approaches to reception and integration in Europe

‘Welcome to Europe!’ underscores the life-saving role of resettlement, and contributes to the promotion of resettlement in Europe as one component of a comprehensive and durable approach to protecting refugees. To submit your contributions and reflections on the publication, please contact Sophie Ngo-Diep at or start a discussion in the Community of Practice.

You can download the Welcome to Europe publication here. To purchase hard copies of the publication (17.50 euros each plus postage and packing),  please contact Sophie Ngo-Diep at