EU Resettlement Network


ERN+ Relaunch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the European Resettlement Network's next phase: ERN+ will explore complementary forms of admission and highlight the need for safe and legal ways to reach the EU!

Meet the SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors!

During 2014-15, ICMC worked with our partners UNHCR and ECRE and local/regional stakeholders working on resettlement across Europe to recruit 9 SHARE Resettlement Ambassadors from 7 European countries. 

Read on and follow the links to find out more about who they are, and how and why they're involved...

European Commission Proposal on A European Agenda on Migration

The European Resettlement Network (ERN) welcomes the EU Agenda on Migration launched on 13 May 2015, which prioritizes saving lives and can be considered as a first step towards putting in place a comprehensive European approach to the asylum and migration challenges faced.    

Escape and Home – A documentary on reception and welcome of Syrian refugees in Oggelsbeuren

The decision of the German government to receive an overall 20.000 Syrian refugees in the framework of three successive Humanitarian Admission Programmes has received broad support across the German political spectrum and from a large section of the general public. Since the beginning of arrivals under the programme late 2013, the reception and settlement of new arrivals has lead to the engagement of various new actors and has required the cooperation and extension of reception capacities in particular on the local level.

Building capacity to receive resettled children in the Swedish municipality of Strömsund

Strömsund is a small municipality in northern Sweden. The municipality has been a driving force in development work for resettled children and young people, work that has been made possible by support from the European Refugee Fund (ERF) and the national government body the Swedish Migration Agency.

'Refugees from Syria' - a cultural backgrounder for host communities and practitioners

March 15 2015 marked the 4 year anniversary of the Syrian refugee crisis, with more than 3.8 Million Syrians having fled the country, primarily seeking refuge in Syria’s neighbouring countries including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, as well as Egypt. In December 2014, the UNHCR has called on the global community to offer an overall 130.000 resettlement and other admission places for Syrian refugees 2013-2016.  Approximately 84.000 places have so far been pledged, and Europe has so far counted the largest number of arrivals.

Arrival of Syrian Refugees in Belgium

On Thursday, 4 December 2014, 22 IOM-accompanied resettled Syrian refugees arrived in Belgium and were received by the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGVS) and the Belgian Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (FEDASIL).

Irish Independent Series on Resettled Refugees in Ireland

Ireland is one of 14 EU Member States that has a regular resettlement programme, with a quota to resettle 90 refugees in 2014. From Monday, 6 October to Friday, 10 October 2014, the Irish Independent newspaper wrote a series of articles about resettled refugees in Ireland, revealing one resettled refugees' story per day.